Artist Profile

Nixxio Castrillo

NIXXIO, whose background is in architecture and management, was the studio manager of his father, EDUARDO. For years, he has acted as the co-pilot to his fathers artistic works His involvement and exposure to Eduardo Catrillo’s sculptural discipline has allowed him distill his own artistic Language

His artistic style infuses colour, with architectural forms and tight compositions, nuances which the learned will understand as a departure from the specific and recognizable creations of his father Eduardo, Since Finding his artistic voice, he has had 2 shows this year (Gallery Joaquin, RCBC Museum and Provenance at the Fort).

Nixxio, as studio manager has handled the day – to – day aspects of the studio manager has handled the day – to -day aspects of the studio Projects; including logistics, construction, mobilization and coordination

Commission Work

You can order a custom Artwork from Nixxio Castrillo, with your own preferred colors, subject, size and media. Send us an agreement form for Commission Work and Nixxio Castrillo can create your very own custom Artwork.

Link to the Custom Work Agreement Form