Art Workshop

Why is Art important?

Art plays an important role in our modern lives in that it expresses individuality, creativity and feeling. It is what visually enhances our world in our lives.

Benefits of Art in Children:
  1. Art stimulates both sides of the brain.
  2. 33% of kids are visual learners.
  3. Studies show that kids, who learn art, read better and get better grades in science and math.
  4. Kids learn by using their senses.
  5. Kids express themselves.
  6. Art promotes self-esteem.
  7. Art encourages kids to give more attention to the physical space that surround them.
  8. Art develops hand and eye coordination.
  9. Art stimulates perception.
  10. Art teaches kids to think openly.
  11. Art teaches that there is more than one solution for a problem.
  12. Art teaches kids to think creatively and to solve problems.
  13. Kids can share and reflect on their work of art and learn something about the world they love in.
  14. In the process of doing art, children are exposed to different possibilities of discovery and freedom.
  15. At nourishes the human soul.
  16. Art brings the cultural resources of the community into a class.
  17. Art is a legacy.
  18. Art is valuable by itself.

Our Workshop Plans

Drawing Workshop

Learn basic and intermediate drawing and sharpen your skills. Play with the pencil, ink, charcoal, crayons, soft or oil pastel or mix wirh your favorite tools. No matter what you love to draw, you'll find your class at the Artologist Gallery.

Watercolor Workshop

Take your art to a new level by adding the excitement of watercolor. Whether you're a beginner, illustrator, designer, or a painting fanatic, watercolor is simple, yet a challenging form of fine art for everyone. Navigate the basics of color theory, master the difficulty of brush techniques, create your own masterpieces and more! For ages 5 and Up.

Acrylic on Canvas Workshop

Learn basic and intermediate painting techniques and create your own art piece featuring landscapes, florals, seascapes, still-life paintings and portraits. No painting experience required! Good for ages 5 and up.

Oil on Canvas Workshop

Enjoy working with oil. Learn to paint landscapes, realism, portraits, abstract, whimsical or still-life. We teach basic or advanced techniques for ages 5 and up.

Ceramic Painting Workshop

Paint ceramic bisque to create a beautiful piece of art. We offer different functional ceramics you can paint and personalize! Creaye your own unique personalized gifts for any celebration. Enroll at The Artologist. For ages 5 and U.p

Canvas Bag Painting Workshop

Create a piece of art you'll use everyday. Customize by painting on canvas tote or pouch. Don't only paint on canvas! Make your own tote or pouch and use as a beach or school bag, pencil or make up case. Available at The Artologist for ages 5 and Up.

Kids Craft

Jump-start your child's creativity with simple crafts and projects. We offer decorative bisque ceramic painting, canvas bag painting, wood drawing/painting, acrylic on canvas painting, mixed media and functional art projects for ages 5-10. Enroll your child at The Artologist.

Combination Package

10 SESSIONS OF ANY ART WORKSHOP For ages 5 years old and above 12,500 (1,250 PER SESSION) Any Combination of Art Workshops

Art Parties/Team Building

Birthday parties and team building events are now available at The Artologist. Choose from lots of fun, party themes or design your own custom art celebration. Book your event now!