Artist Profile

Billy Nuñez

Driven by his passion in art, Billy Nuñez didn’t stop doing art in various mediums from paintings into sculptures, His works, mainly sculptures, are best known for it’s fine and intricate details. His sculptures are mainly inspired by the beauty of the human body. Through studying human forms and translating it into art, he applies the inconspicious little details in his works making his sculptures finely done. He does also apply this technique on other types of subjects.
As a self taught artist, Billy started working as a commercial artist during his teen years on a local Chinese corporation in cebu. He started painting on porcelain vases, jars, pedestals anfd other antique wares. Looking for better opportunities, he pursued his art career and moved to manila when he was offered with the same job by another chinese company, After the company closed, he decided to shift from one form of art into another and that is sculpting, He worked with various exporting handicraft businesses such as imagicraft export Inc., Workshop export, and Piazza Export by Mr. Sam Butcher of Enesco Collectibles and Ms. Emily Campos of Touch of craft. He is Currently working with opthalmologist and businessman Dr. Jim Tripon.

Billy Nuñez ecpanded his knowledge not just working on paints but also using other mediums such as resin, cement, and fiberglass products. Now, inspired to do a lot more as an artist he tried out and successfully used lead as the main material of his current sculpture pieces finished with copper, brass, and nickel. currently living in Cainta, Rizal, Billy Nuñez still aspires to broaden his knowledge in arts and create a better version of his artist self.

Commission Work

You can order a custom Artwork from Billy Nuñez, with your own preferred colors, subject, size and media. Send us an agreement form for Commission Work and Billy Nuñez can create your very own custom Artwork.

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