Artist Profile

Jesse Esplana

A born Filipino artist in the heart-shape province of Marinduque, Jesse Hands Espalana is experiencing that joys of liberation as a self taught artist. Now in his 5th Solo Art Exhibition, “UNINHIBITED”. Like any inborn artist, he transpired art like any other art genra. His painting are poetic and a narrative story in nature of which he fears not of what his works look like for it is open for public appreciation. Behind the mindstream, maybe few knows his work is an inner contemplation of his personal happiness, struggles and experiences that pushes him in the state of total liberation. Though Jesse is very conscious of his freedom as a visual artist and much aware of any constraints, it serves as an opportunity to  let him express more freely; fearing not of public criticism of his works that are  roughly done  with finishing touches of textured impression and with  boldness mannerism. For some portrait artists and figurist, everything goes with their individual experiences with the model from changing moods, contours and positions has to be recorded, but Jesse don’t bother it much, for as long as he captured the subject in his own interpretative rendition. His works he knows it is done with an inner feeling of satisfaction. That’s how his collectors felt the connectivity of Jesse’s aggressiveness and unique movement in doing his art. Jesse usual gesture are like chopping, slicing, throwing, tapping and punching of acrylic colors through his brushes and palette which somehow reflects his personality as a graduate in a Culinary Art and a chef with experiences in international demands.

 His art narrate us his simple contemporary world as a chef; see his painting of hanged pork in a slaughter house, a series of cup of coffee; usually rendered in missy table and having an impression of canvases with patches and stain bloods of meat, chopped ingredients like onions and garlic splattered well.  This uniqueness kept him flavored for years appreciation by many collectors  in Australia, America, New Zealand, Europe and Asian countries. Adding points, his painting was once auction in Azamara Quest  Cruise Line.

Commission Work

You can order a custom Artwork from Jesse Esplana, with your own preferred colors, subject, size and media. Send us an agreement form for Commission Work and Jesse Esplana can create your very own custom Artwork.

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