Artist Profile

Judeo Herrera

He studied Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education major in Industrial Arts (2003), Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising (2011)

 “ I paint not to be SEEN but to SEE and let other people SEE as well”. Painting is an avenue where in I believe I can freely channel or express my ideas regarding certain subjects, issues and commentaries. I believe my art will always be a part of history in its humble way, history perceived through my own unique world and express it through my own verse.

Judeo’s works may not even be decorative or described as pretty. What makes these pieces come alive is its narrative is deeply rooted on his experiences channeled through his own artistic terms; from an artist who is not a product of your typical western fine arts degree or from the current city art scene.

A subject void of color which is almost stainless in effect may not be of sadness or of blandness but of liberation. Judeo’s careful attention to his hues, how colors are well coordinated against his images as his imagery continuously evolves, his involvement digs deeper and his palette becomes more gray in urban treatment. 

Commission Work

You can order a custom Artwork from Judeo Herrera, with your own preferred colors, subject, size and media. Send us an agreement form for Commission Work and Judeo Herrera can create your very own custom Artwork.

Link to the Custom Work Agreement Form