Artist Profile

Noel Villafuerte

When you meet the world of Noel Nieva Villafuerte’s paintings your first impression is, that here you have an artist delivering his inner world in pictures and not words. It’s is as if you are confronted with his instincts his irrational and creating forces. Ad if ancient universal signals are emerging in new deeply personal pictures. Faces mask and especially the especially the eye that sees recurs in many pictures. The signs can be as well symbolic as surreal. You are carried around in several corners of the emotional spectrum e.g. delight, eroticism, curiosity, anxiety and powerlessness. The pictures are telling stories in a mode of expression, ranging from tight compositions to free dynamic movements. In the main part of the pictures colors are combines with a strong graphic expression. Basically we meet a spontaneous abstract pictorial expression. An expression which has it’s roots in Noel Ancestry – Philippines – but it is also to find at the artist group COBRA from the mid 1900 COBRA was as association of artist from CO- Copenhagen BR- Brussels and A- Amsterdam, as in COBRA Noel is working with something original and unspoiled. You are meeting a lovely fantasy world.

Commission Work

You can order a custom Artwork from Noel Villafuerte, with your own preferred colors, subject, size and media. Send us an agreement form for Commission Work and Noel Villafuerte can create your very own custom Artwork.

Link to the Custom Work Agreement Form