Artist Profile

Louie Butao

A self-taught contemporary artist motivated by a strong feeling of admiration of ever evolving life of nature. (TAO) Louie PuodButao dabbed different types of medium which makes his works more creative. His bold alteration from conventional medium to a unique innovative approach, this way he makes different types of work that expound his creativity. He said that exploiting mixed media art amplifies his intention to create and expound an artwork that connects the balance forces of nature and leads the way to his satisfaction. During his early stage of his career he was inspired to create figurative and portraits artworks which make his step to create large commission artwork projects. In his middle school he was granted an Award Best artist of the year, he was also one of the finalists in the GSIS 2019 Painting competition. TAO makes his mark in various group exhibits in MANILA. TAO was once traveling in an international place and uses this as his advantage to meet local and international artists which influence him to pursue his passion as a contemporary visual artist. Today all his artworks were capturing and signifying the balance forces of nature and rendering the behavior and maintaining the beauty of life.

Commission Work

You can order a custom Artwork from Louie Butao, with your own preferred colors, subject, size and media. Send us an agreement form for Commission Work and Louie Butao can create your very own custom Artwork.

Link to the Custom Work Agreement Form